Rich Dougherty


  1. Installing Ubuntu Linux on the Lenovo ThinkPad E14 Gen 2 (AMD)
  2. Upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 from 19.10
  3. Upgrade Ubuntu 19.04 and 19.10 without a USB Stick
  4. Running IntelliJ IDEA on Mac OS with Java 8
  5. MySQL on Mac for TechEmpower benchmarks
  6. Google Analytics download events using callbacks
  7. WiFi problems on Mavericks
  8. JavaScript language libs in JavaScript
  9. Gettings stats for Play’s “Get involved” page
  10. sweet.js experiments
  11. Adding Godaddy G2 root cert to JDK 7
  12. Online photo printing prices in NZ
  13. Guides to buying things
  14. URL path segment encoding
  15. 100% CPU with UserEventAgent
  16. DNS servers for Vibe Communications
  17. Simple OutOfMemoryError profiling with VisualVM
  18. Play Framework Git workflow
  19. Updating an existing Github pull request
  20. Moving an existing repo to Github
  21. TypeMatrix keyboard bindings for Mac OS
  22. Chrome check before quitting
  23. Akka in Eclipse on Mac OS
  24. Minimal Akka Hello World with SBT
  25. Installing Rust 0.3 in Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin)
  26. Single-key shortcut for copy and paste in Windows
  27. Review Board error with Subversion diff
  28. Showing whitespace in Eclipse
  29. Stopping Windows' console beep
  30. Python setuptools bootstrap errors
  31. Using TortoiseMerge for command line Subversion merging
  32. Cleaning up Word's HTML
  33. Error handling with Scala’s Try
  34. Selecting Maven modules to build
  35. Backing up Gmail
  36. Quick Python web server on localhost
  37. Using Notepad++ to edit Subversion commit messages
  38. Where to buy PC components in NZ
  39. Accidental Git commit
  40. Worldtimebuddy for meetings
  41. Drools Planner for open source employee rostering
  42. Scala Maven repositories
  43. Exception breakpoints in Chrome
  44. Luadns for personal DNS hosting
  45. Headphones for Toshiba Satellite L640 in Ubuntu Natty
  46. ATI Radeon GPU power management in Ubuntu Natty
  47. Scaling CPU in Ubuntu Natty
  48. Scala in gedit
  49. Personal DNS hosting
  50. Toshiba Satellite L640 battery in Ubuntu Linux
  51. LaserJet 1022n driver in Windows 7 64-bit
  52. Downloading Eve Online files overnight
  53. Branching and unbranching in Git
  54. Maven and Eclipse for Scala 2.9
  55. Killing hung SSH session
  56. VPS providers
  57. PostgreSQL and Django in Ubuntu Natty
  58. Simple Shorewall config on Ubuntu server
  59. Printing sorted contact lists in ThunderBird
  60. Scheduling a late night distro download
  61. Internet Explorer 7 in Ubuntu Natty
  62. Syncing with a remote repo in Git
  63. Undo last commit in Git
  64. Fixing merge conflicts in Git
  65. Minecraft server and IPv6
  66. Fixing commit authors in Git
  67. Getting git diff of about-to-be-committed changes
  68. Binary diff in Mercurial
  69. Installing Windows 7 from a USB stick
  70. Scala 2.8.0 beta 1 released
  71. Continuations plugin for Scala 2.8 beta
  72. Tail calls, @tailrec and trampolines
  73. Goto in Scala
  74. Delimited continuations in Scala
  75. MINA bindings for Scala (updated)
  76. MINA bindings for Scala